• BioSmart® Infrared

    The most advanced zoned heating systems available. Say goodbye to central heating furnaces that burn up oxygen and dry out the air and say hello to comfort. The BioSmart® Therapeutic Ceramic Infrared In-Wall Heating System uses patented far-infrared heating technology to warm your home or office.
  • Build Your Own

    Build your own BioSmart® infrared heating system in your new construction or remodel.
  • Why Ceramic Infrared

    The ceramic infrared emitters in BioSmart® wall heaters are specially designed for efficacy and safety and are currently patent pending. The density and thickness of the ceramic plate as well as the coating on the plate play a large role in determining the characteristics of the infrared heat emissions coming off of the plate.
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Top Features



Far Infrared Heaters

Healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient than any other conventional source of heat.

  • Uses the industry's most advanced technology.
  • Provides soft, balanced, therapeutic infrared heat.
  • Committed to improving energy usage with high-efficiency products.
  • Heating with far infrared does not add pollutants into the environment.
  • Increases flexibility and circulation.
  • Reduces muscle and joint pain.

Color Chooser


Ultimate Customization

Can be retrofitted to existing homes or remodels without upgrading centralized heating unit or modifying ductwork.

Paintable face plate.

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